Republicans Likely to Keep FL-15 Where Incumbent Lost Primary

When Rep. Ross Spano lost the Republican primary earlier this year, Democrats began sensing a possible pick-up of Florida’s 15th District.

But the most recent poll shows that Republicans are on track to keep the district that stretches from Lakeland to Tampa.

According to the latest “St. Pete Poll,” Republican nominee and Lakeland County Commissioner Scott Franklin leads Democrat Alan Cohn by 49 to 41 percent among likely voters districtwide.

The survey came at about the same time a “Change Research” poll showed Cohn, a TV investigative reporter, trailing Franklin by only 46 to 44 percent districtwide.

The poll, which was commissioned by the Florida Democratic Party, also showed Cohn defeating Franklin among early voters by a strong 58 to 32 percent.

Republicans, however, are confident that the conservative Franklin will keep the 15th District. 

Following corruption charges, Spano went down to defeat at Franklin’s hands by a 51 to 48 percent.

Lakeland City Commissioner Scott Franklin is a conservative who defeated scandal plagued incumbent Ross Spano in a Republican primary upset.

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