Media Fail to Ask Joe Biden About Secret Family Business Deal with Chinese Company

Journalists failed to ask Vice President Joe Biden Wednesday about the latest revelations that he met with businessman Tony Bobulinksi to discuss a business deal between a Chinese energy company and members of his family, including his son, Hunter Biden.

In a brief press availability in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden took questions from a gaggle of reporters. He was asked about the riots in Philadelphia (for which he said there was “no excuse”) and health care policy (he said he would be able to work with Republicans once President Donald Trump was out of the way.

But about the China deal: nothing.

On Tuesday night, Bobulinski gave an interview to Tucker Carlson on Fox News in which he revealed that he had met twice with Joe Biden, contrary to Biden’s earlier denials, to discuss a joint venture with a private Chinese energy company.

Bobulinski confirmed that Joe Biden was to have received a 10% stake in the new joint venture, to be held by Hunter Biden.

He later found out that the Chinese energy company was suspected of corruption, and that Hunter Biden was representing its CEO in negotiations to buy 14% of Rosneft, the state oil company of Russia, which was under U.S. sanctions over Ukraine.

The deal fell through — but $5 million still found its way to an account controlled by Hunter Biden, Bobulinski confirmed.

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