‘Racist’ for ‘Liberals’ to Tell Me I’m ‘Gonna Split the Black Vote’

Pop culture icon and billionaire fashion mogul Kanye West said it is “racist” for “liberals” to accuse him of “splitting the black vote” with Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden by launching his own independent campaign for the White House.

“One of the most racist things that liberals who pride themselves on not being racist have said to me is, like, ‘You’re gonna split the black vote,’ and that makes it seem like black people can’t make decisions for ourselves,” West said on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

“Liberals literally make it seem like only black people will vote for me,” West added. “Think about that statement, the nuance of institutionalized racism.”

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West rejected the framing of black people as a monolithic political unit. “No one has really been able to embrace the idea of blacks not being in a bloc and staying in one place,” he said.

“Blacks have to vote Democrat,” Rogan remarked, referring to the viewpoint of a “black vote.”

West said that he received such comments from people in “the art world.”

“Democrats do crate black pawns,” said West, referring to Democrats’ political procurement of surrogacy from black celebrities as part of a strategy to appeal to black voters. The Grammy-winner said Democrats accusing him of being a Republican “pawn” are projecting their own cultivation of “black pawns” for the Democrat Party.

“I remember talking to really elitist writers — you know, I was trying to avoid saying white supremacists — but the liberal elites are like, ‘Boy, who you going vote on?’, like, ‘Who are you to run for office?’, and, ‘Why would you sign up for office if you can’t even get on ballots?’ People are saying that to me, and I could get on the ballots,” West said.

West continued, “When people say, ‘Are you a pawn for the Republicans?’, the reason why I think that people are asking me that is because the Democrats do create black pawns. They do have celebrities that they’ll sit down and meet with and say, ‘You’re gonna be an advocate for the Democratic Party.’”

In August, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) claimed, without evidence, that West was coordinating with President Donald Trump’s team to undermine Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Kanye West launched his campaign in July and last week he dropped the first ad for his presidential campaign.

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