Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden told President Donald Trump to “shut up” several times during Tuesday night’s debate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, the first of three matchups between the two.

Democrat nominee for president and former Vice President Joe Biden aggressively pushed back at President Trump at the outset of Tuesday night’s debate.

“Are you going to pack the court?” President Trump asked. “Would you shut up, man?” Biden responded. “This is so unpresidential”:

Moments later, Biden told Trump to shut up again.

President Trump “doesn’t have a plan. If I were running it, I would know what the plan is. You’ve got to provide these businesses the ability to have the money they need for PPE and sanitation,” Biden said.

“Tell that to Nancy Pelosi,” Trump said.

“Would you just shush for a minute?” Biden hit back:

Later in the debate, Biden called President Trump a “clown.”

“Folks, do you have any idea what this clown is doing?” Biden said.


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