About two dozen American flags lined up in Needham, Massachusetts, were found burned on Sunday night, according to police.

One dozen of the flags were found along Highland Avenue, while the other dozen were found on the lawn of the Exchange Club.

WFXT reported that the flags have been replaced, but the ashes of the previous flags are still scattered along the lawn.

Kate Robey, a longtime Needham resident, takes it upon herself every year to display the American flags.

“I think everyone appreciates it. I get honks and the waves and the thank-yous,” Robey said.

But this year, those flags were a target of vandalism.

“Dedicated people put those out and to just burn them, nonchalantly, it’s hurtful,” said Robey.

Robey has spent years working with the Needham VFW to display these flags in certain parts of town for nearly a decade. She said she had been left confused and baffled at how someone would vandalize her tribute to the Americans serving this country.

“As I do the flags, I think of the veterans, fallen brave and the military out there fighting for our freedom now,” Robey said.

Robey said a dozen of the flags were burned by Memorial Park and a dozen more were burned outside the Exchange Club, where 500 flags were put on display to make up for the lack of a fireworks celebration this year.

“I don’t mind what you do at your home with your flags, but these flags are my flags, and it’s vandalism,” Robey said.

Police say they have opened an investigation into the matter.


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