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The New York Times unveiled an astonishing cover for Sunday’s paper, featuring the names of 1,000 victims of Covid-19.

“Instead of the articles, photographs or graphics that normally appear on the front page of The New York Times, on Sunday, there is just a list: a long, solemn list of people whose lives were lost to the coronavirus pandemic,” The Times announced in a piece explaining the cover on Saturday.

“As the death toll from Covid-19 in the United States approaches 100,000, a number expected to be reached in the coming days, editors at The Times have been planning how to mark the grim milestone,” they wrote. “Simone Landon, assistant editor of the Graphics desk, wanted to represent the number in a way that conveyed both the vastness and the variety of lives lost.”

The Times tweeted a picture of the sobering cover for Sunday, May 24:

According to a John Hopkins University tally, 96,983 people in the United States have died from the coronavirus. There is a nationwide total of 1.6 million cases. As the country approaches 100,000 deaths, states including Texas and Florida have already begun relaxing lockdown measures, allowing for businesses to reopen.

“We knew we were approaching this milestone,” said Simone Landon, assistant editor of the Times graphics desk. “We knew that there should be some way to try to reckon with that number.”

The 1,000 names shown on the cover represent just 1% of the total lives lost in the United States throughout this pandemic.

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