Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday urged Americans to pray for the medical workers  fighting the coronavirus on Saturday.

Pence reminded reporters that Sunday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week for Christians. He said

“During this very special week, I just encourage people to pray for our health care workers,” he said. “Pray for them and their families they are really the hands and feet every day, not just of health care, but of the heart of the American people and we are all grateful for them every hour of the day.”

Pence said that many medical workers were serving above and beyond the call of duty, in some cases supplementing as family members to their patients, as they were prevented from visiting.

“That’s what gets me,” Pence said, growing emotional.

Pence joined President Donald Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci praising the health care workers, describing them as heroes on the front lines of the battle against the “invisible enemy.”

“Some of those people are going to die,” Trump said. “They’re going to die.”

The White House / YouTube


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