While President Trump has been buoyed by polls showing he is favored to win reelection against a generic Democratic candidate, a potential ticket teaming Sen. Bernie Sanders as the presidential nominee and Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the running mate could edge out a win, according to a new poll.

Zogby Analytics’ Jonathan Zogby told Secrets that a Sanders-Warren ticket is beating the president and Vice President Mike Pence 48%-45%.

“Make no mistake, this is a close race, but the senators from neighboring New England states are able to pull ahead of Trump and Pence by winning with their base and swing voters,” Zogby said in his survey analysis shared with Secrets.

But, he added, it could be just a popular vote win and not an Electoral College victory, just like in 2016.

“Sanders and Warren could win the popular vote, but Trump and Pence still have the advantage of the coalition of working-class and blue-collar voters they made in-roads within swing states: Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which could produce a similar outcome as 2016, in which Trump/Pence just win the Electoral College and reelection in 2020,” said Zogby.


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