If there’s one thing more frustrating than trying to get into the right college, it might be paying for the degree. That’s what thousands of parents discover daily while discussing how to foot the bill.

In online communities like Facebook and Reddit, some parents share standard suggestions like saving more money or choosing a less-expensive state school.

Others are proposing more drastic measures.

For example, if a student gets married, they’re legally considered independent from their parents and may be eligible for more aid. So why not marry the kids off?

Some parents suggest moving money around – perhaps, for instance, moving savings out of a student’s name and to a sibling’s account. 

Some parents lay out divorce as an option. That way only one parent’s income is considered in the government’s calculation of the family’s eligibility for scholarships and loans. Debbie Schwartz, the founder of the Facebook group “Paying for College 101” said she has often seen parents jokingly suggest a legal separation. 


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