Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” 2020 Republican primary candidate former Gov. Bill Weld (R-MA) said he was running to “fatally wound”  President Donald Trump “politically.”

Weld said, “I can win the New Hampshire primary, which would fatally wound Mr. Trump politically. There’s plenty of historical precedent for that. I was around when Pat Buchanan fatally wounded George H.W. Bush with only 37 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary. And I was riding around with President Bush. I was on his side, of course, not Pat Buchanan’s side. It’s happened five times since the modern New Hampshire primary that a sitting president was running for re-election faced a primary even if he didn’t lose the primary, lost the general election. And I think it’s important that Mr. Trump not repeat as president of the United States. We can’t afford five and a half, six more years of this guy.”

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